Signs by Guy Yasko

I missed the significance of the death rattle. I knew Mary was dying — of course — but i missed the signs. “The end is nigh.” I should have known. Birth was the same: a series of steps which i was able to piece together as a whole only after the fact. At least i had a child at the end of it. I never worried that i had missed a sign that midwives or obstetricians pick up. Who cares? But with death, i felt that i had missed all of them — and that it mattered.

Why? What was to be done? Hold on tighter? I told myself i wanted her to float away, to skip over it all. The problem is that death is something to be lived through.


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7 responses to “Signs by Guy Yasko

  1. Randal Houle

    lived through indeed… nice approach to the theme.

  2. Len

    loved the dark but real feeling of this. the last line nails it shut. nice.

  3. Perfect line at the end. I think that’s what scares most people, the manner of going.

  4. Such a pared down piece, Guy, very effective in this micro-fictional setting. I also love how the last line speaks volumes more than how it just rolls out. Masterful.

  5. guy

    Thanks for the reads comments everyone. They’re always appreciated.

  6. Great last line, and a reminder that that is waht life is — to be lived through. Wonderful use of economy here. Peace…

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