Dubai On Ice by Matthew A. Hamilton

When I see the ice hotel in
the middle of the desert
my eyes melt into nothing.

Oil money. Men die for it
so that other men can
showcase their plastic wives.

Men in black suits and white robes
tell me where to lay the pipe. They
point at charts and demand more profit.

Money is spent foolishly.
But what can I do? I’m a man
with no power or money.

My wealth lies within a loving wife
and two shoeless sons.


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8 responses to “Dubai On Ice by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Lovely piece, Matthew, that belies the stark reality of today’s differences.

  2. You’ve managed to deftly weave world politics into a parable. Gorgeous. Peace…

  3. Deborah A. Upton

    Chilling in a good way.

  4. excellent. i love the tension built up here by you using well known facts, some of them cliched but so what, this is righteous. esp favorite: the “plastic wives” vs “loving wife” … and of course the “two shoeless sons” – strong side characters on whose thin legs this whole edifice rests.

  5. Fantastic poem, Matthew. Very clever and tight.

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  7. Kim Hutchinson

    Wow, Matt. This speaks volumes. I love it.

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