Fog by Susan Tepper

My head’s been wired for sound. I told the docs not to do this. I said I don’t want to hear ANYTHING. They said you have to. You cannot go around with your head in a fog. I like the fog I said. I like the color and texture. I like that you can’t see two feet ahead in really good fog. I like how it conjures up the living and the dead. I like to walk the mountain road in fog. It’s a low mountain, but all the same.


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29 responses to “Fog by Susan Tepper

  1. Ha ha, I cracked up reading this. I think this is kind of me, kind of. So perhaps it’s just a mirror, but a crack-me-up mirror all the same.

  2. Following Matt’s piece, another commentary on where we’re heading. I think that many of us can relate. Nice.

  3. Of course, fog can be dangerous too if you’re moving around in it. You can run into other people, get hurt, etc.
    I like the ambiguity of this. Nice.

  4. Randal Houle

    Love. Fog. Love . This. Love.

  5. Catherine Davis

    Fabulous fabulous, Susan. Fabulous.

  6. I love fog. I wish I had my head in it more — obtusity = comfort. Great story. Peace…

  7. such a fitting image for our times + for the whole spin of this (media) world: fog.

  8. “It’s a low mountain, but all the same. ” What a great ending line and the opening one is a gem as well. Enjoyed.

  9. wow, this is like a zen koan. i so deeply connect to this. every line sits just right. what a workbench, susan.

  10. Fog is a rich medium! I repeat myself: This is a prose poem! Thanks.

  11. Kim Hutchinson

    Love this! A self-imposed fog can be the best defense. Great piece.

  12. Fog, what a rich metaphor; deep, powerful, lyrical work here, Susan. I love the rhythm, and prose-poetic reveal here. Masterful.

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