Miss Lamb’s Love Advice by Michelle McEwen

Don’t worry about love— that’s what Miss Lamb says whenever her niece comes over weeping and wailing about some man. Miss Lamb is sixty-something and she’s through with love. Whenever she hears a woman talking about looking for love, her favorite thing to say is: “You looking for love? Why? I ain’t. All I want is a good night’s sleep.” Then she laughs and says, “Watch, once you get old like me, you don’t wanna be bothered.” Miss Lamb was engaged once, but the man tried to boss her around. That engagement lasted a year; she knew then marriage wasn’t for her. “I see it like this,” she once said, “the only women meant to be wives are fool- women.”

Yesterday, I was sitting in Miss Lamb’s kitchen— crying and carrying on (though this wasn’t my intention) about some good love gone bad. Miss Lamb rolled her eyes in her what-I-tell-you-‘bout-love way. She said, turning on her oven for heat, “I don’t deal with love, but one thing I know ‘bout love is really good love don’t go bad.” My tears stopped then. She took my hand, said: “You know when you got a good dress that fit you well? It’s tight in the right spots and no matter how much you wear or wash it, it stays fittin you the same. Well, a bad made dress will loosen up after a few washes— now that was a no-good dress from the start.” Miss Lamb knows what she’s talking about.


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11 responses to “Miss Lamb’s Love Advice by Michelle McEwen

  1. I completely agree. I suspect that her wisdom is born from personal experience.

    Nice one!

  2. Wow. Such detail, so much to see. Amazing.

  3. Missy

    Love the title as much as I love the story. So much detail for such a short, short story. Love it.

  4. shaneshane

    “the only women meant to be wives are fool- women.”

  5. guy

    I am usually resistant to characters like this, but i liked Miss Lamb. She won me over with that dress metaphor.

  6. Yes, the dress metaphor is wonderful – but the tone / Miss Lamb’s speech is right on the money – I know her. And turning on the oven for a bit of heat… lovely.

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  8. Oh I can so hear her. wonderful voice, wonderful character. Peace…

  9. Kim Hutchinson

    Miss Lamb is a charmer! I hope we hear more from her.

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