Root by Roberta Lawson

Transcendental meditation, (accidental astral projection,) past life regression, hypnosis. She’ll try anything – almost. Some days: anything. Just to remember the thing she has forgotten. The thing that must be, must be there; is scratching like flint against her relationships, is fragmenting her into splinters. The thing that should and needs to hurt (Her acupuncturist threads a needle into her sacral chakra – Does this hurt? – Yes.) She’s waiting to grieve. She’s hungry to grieve.

That bigger hurt, the one that caused this split. The one she needs to recapture in order to become her whole self again. Instead of pain there’s a disengaged space. Instead of that memory she floats. That thing that happened – must have happened. It’s a taste in her mouth, the sensation just before waking. It’s the short sharp lightning strike that sets her teeth on edge. It’s the thing that – if only she could remember – might stop owning her.


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5 responses to “Root by Roberta Lawson

  1. Excellent similes that gives the story so much texture and depth, Roberta.

  2. I’m left wondering what she’s making herself forget? What dark secret is she burying?

  3. I feel the wonder at the end, same as the character.

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  5. Gorgeous piece. Reminds me of that song by the Indigo Girls ‘went to the mountain… drank from the fountain… the closer I am to fine’. Peace…

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