Sparks by Catherine Russell

The flickering porch light had annoyed her for months, but when the hunky electrician started fiddling with her wires she didn’t mind one bit. “It was a loose connection,” he said and screwed the cover back into place. “But I think I’ve got it fixed.”

“I don’t know,” she answered in her silkiest voice, eying the collar of his shirt and his conspicuously absent wedding ring. “I think I saw some sparks.”

He looked at the light, glowing brightly in its glass sheath. “No, there aren’t.”

“I stand corrected,” she said.


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20 responses to “Sparks by Catherine Russell

  1. Hmm … he was probably a religious nutcase, so she is better off without him. Still, even religious nutcases can be hot, and I am sensing her frustration even now!

  2. Wonderful interaction between your characters here, Catherine.

  3. guy

    Pretty funny.

    Is a hunk a hunk if he’s just a hunk of flesh?

  4. Guy,
    I think the hunk is pretty much all that’s captured her interest, so far at least. He seemed pretty clueless. :)

  5. Nice! I can see the whole thing clearly, out there on the porch, flickering light. I love porches. You write a porch story, you’ve got me–

  6. Randal Houle

    Nice approach to the theme, Catherine.

  7. Luminous, dare I say?

    I am always envious of those who can use fewer than 250, and this is one of the best examples I have ever seen.

    Very well done.

  8. ooh, ooh, ooh… good one! Love the innuendoes everywhere — the hunk, the sparks, the sheath. Short, sweet, and sexy — too bad the hunk’s clueless. Peace…

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  10. Catherine Davis

    So unexpected, this. The finality of the NO is satisfying, when it logically shouldn’t be. Which is so very clever, so well played. A treat.

  11. Ummmm, I’ve been an electrician for years and this sort of thing never happens to me… Or does it? Thank You for sharing this gem.

  12. This is hilarious.

    There are all sorts of ways to be clueless.

  13. love that he fiddled with “her” wires not “the” wires fun piece

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  15. Matt DeVirgiliis

    Way to put so much tension in so few words, and a great way to incorporate the theme. Nicely done.

  16. lovely, made me smile with recognition though i’ve never fixed anything for anybody, not like this anyway, gosh. i wish. but i’ve been in the presence of sparks. well done.

  17. The sparks are flying in this one!

  18. Kim Hutchinson

    Her signal flares aren’t going anywhere! Love the last line.

  19. The tension rings throughout this, the twists of word play, and the setting (porch) such a nice metaphor.

    I would love to see if these two ever run into each other again.

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