Tastes like Chicken by Michael J. Solender

Brains and eggs was enough to give anyone pause, yet that’s what she wanted.

“Are you sure Lena? We can go down to Dianna’s, they have great Huevos.” I sounded whiny and plaintive, even to me.

“Look, you said I could have anything I wanted for breakfast, and that’s what I want.” She pulled on her sweater though was having trouble getting her bony head through the narrow opening. A shock of jet black hair preceded the “thwok ” sound I imagined her head making as it popped through her too tight sweater.

“And you’re going to rustle this feast up for us, but I need to run over to Piggly Wiggly and pick up the brains, you’re sure they have them?” I envisioned standing at the meat counter asking some shit-for-brains clerk if they had calf’s brains.

I was starting to get nauseous; my tenuous connection to this girl only mildly enhanced by last night’s aerobics was fading fast.

“Vann, you’re pathetic,” she said, picking up her keys and making a beeline for the door. “It’s a delicacy and you clearly aren’t up for it. You know food habits say quite a bit about a person.”

My appetite returning, I started to get dressed and thought about going to Dianna’s. Before I left, I unfriended Lena from Facebook.

Food habits do indeed say a great deal about a person.


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10 responses to “Tastes like Chicken by Michael J. Solender

  1. An excellent vignette of the reality of a relationship setting in.

  2. Still don’t get what the big deal is. If he eats meat (flesh, muscles), then how are eating organs any grosser?

    Still, the interaction is funny, especially ‘unfriending’ her on FB after (presumably) sleeping with her. Weird guy.

    Nicely written piece.

  3. They do indeed! I saw a man eat bird’s nest soup in a Chinese restaurant and that was it for me– bye bye love.
    Liked this one a lot!

  4. Randal Houle

    If you eat brains, you should always eat the brains of someone smarter than you… which is why I don’t eat brains. Gah!


  5. Loved it before, love it now. Off for chitlins. Peace…

  6. guy

    Reminds me of the time my Portuguese landlady inviited me over and served me sheep brains. I lived. If i ever write a novel, she will be in it.

    I sympathise with Lena. He sounds like he might be a bit dull, pathetic Facebook unfriender that he is.

  7. Food for thought! oops! Well done, this one.

  8. Kim Hutchinson

    No hero and no princess here. Well done story.

  9. I like the rough and tumble nature of this world these two inhabit. I like the irony of “running over to Piggly Wiggly’s to pick up the brains…” HA!

    Also, it is probably just me, but I think the piece might be stronger without the last line.

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