The Forgotten Puppeteer by Nicolette Wong

In memory of Mick Karn (1958 to 2011)

The fretting hand sought
half-tone increments lost in the dreams of reason–
I threw my arms into the air while you stopped me
cold fire fanning at the corner of the room.

Don’t look back
at the forgotten puppeteer
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbyou said
for every pizzicato I have played
must be detachedjaaaaaaadevoid of its passages
and leave with me and my music
in the nautical twilight.

A dream guitar on my lap
I looked for you
all night.


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7 responses to “The Forgotten Puppeteer by Nicolette Wong

  1. Lovely tribute, Nicolette. Nicely done.

  2. Lovely. So many nice turns of phrase — half-tone increments, nautical twilight. Peace…

  3. beautiful + melancholic, the poem, and especially the image of the isolated, nautical twilight.

  4. I felt the pain and sadness in this beautiful, lyrical poem. Also, I like the idea of dedicating work to those we admire and uphold, even when they are no longer here. Very moving tribute.

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  6. Kim Hutchinson

    Hauntingly lovely. I’ll remember the advice not to look back at the forgotten puppeteer for some time.

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