THE POWER by Marcus Speh

Walking down a dead end alley, a woman talks unkindly to her man. He looks hurt. The man thinks: Women! They think they have power over us because they have our children. – The kid between them keeps its eyes closed. It is, in this very moment, deciding if it should be a boy or a girl. Instinctively, the man shows his muscles. His wife’s eyes widen and she stops talking. The thought of sex grows between them like a desert flower out of dead soil when it rains. The kid suddenly screams: she is going to be a girl! The parents rejoice: a girl! The woman thinks: Men! They think they have power over us with their magical dicks. All three look at each other now. And listen.


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17 responses to “THE POWER by Marcus Speh

  1. Oh Marcus, just a perfect, lyrical glimpse at society through this 5-second walk.

  2. Wow, the power of sexual politics…

  3. Heh-heh-heh. You nailed the Venus and Mars thang. Nifty piece that packs a wallop. Peace…

  4. Catherine Davis

    The brevity, the brevity! The power, the glory of a desert flower blooming – the slide into magic realism is lovely, and effective.

  5. guy

    I like that they’re walking down a dead-end street. And like everyone else, i also like the line about the flower.

  6. Read this on ‘naut and loved it, and same here, really really good.
    Emotional power is such a brief span of writing– ain’t easy to do this.

  7. thank you, susan! the power is borrowed from the planet constellations of man and woman…

  8. Marcus, this really intrigues me, the idea of similarities and differences being explored simultaneously on a dead-end street. Only you would come up with this complexity, and therefore, I love it.

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  10. Kim Hutchinson

    Loved this on FN, and love it here!

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