Anemone by Guy Yasko

She’s ripped the elastic from all her waistbands. The loose threads wave like anemones. I am paralysed. My eyes are too heavy to roll, my arms too heavy to move. I cannot lift my head.

Miriam wants to argue. Worlds within worlds she says. Maybe. Like the paisley in paisley on her pyjama bottoms. She holds her pyjamas with one hand as she changes the dog’s water. The water sloshes. Her pyjamas fall. I see the muscles moving under her skin. I shut my eyes.


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9 responses to “Anemone by Guy Yasko

  1. Wow. Slam bang right in there. Nice.

  2. stephen

    i like this piece.
    i really like this line:

    The loose threads wave like anemones.

    even as i am a little bewildered about tearing the elastic from waistbands, the sentence that sets up is so cool that it doesn’t really matter….

    well played, comrade.

  3. Weird but well written. I loved the anemone line too…

  4. guy

    I’ll take ‘wierd’ as a compliment. Thanks!

    Many years ago i read a satrical piece in a magazine saying that slacker types in Koenji and Kichijoji in western Tokyo were so loose they’d take the elastic out of their clothing. And if you take the waistband out…

  5. Not weird but wired. Nice and intense, fun read.

  6. fun indeed, strong writing, i esp. like the matryoshka doll in there – twice! and the paisley comes with a whole world of associations, too…well done.

  7. Intense peek into this couple’s relationship. I really like this stark style, the ‘x within x’ repetitions make for super flow. Peace…

  8. Guy, as usual, your work is so economical, so pared-down, each word carries that much more…strange and unique and dare I say, exotic? Bravo.

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