Going Home by Dawn Armstrong

She’s crashing. It’s not a mechanical or a drug induced crash. On the contrary – it’s a crash that could be stopped by pharmaceuticals. The right one in the right dosage, of course. She’s sick of experimenting. You see, she has a loose connection in her brain. The wires don’t connect and her emotions short out. At times she feels like her world has been pulled out from under her and her heart has been pulverized into bits. The mental ache is often accompanied by a feeling of intense, searing pain that courses through her body. Other times she feels nothing at all, a blankness, like looking into a pitch black ocean at night. She feels as if the water is beckoning her to come in. It calls out to her as a mother calls out to her lost child. Those are the times she should worry. But she can’t because she has no sense of feeling, no awareness of fear. This is the nature of her crash right now. This is the time she could walk right into that ocean and go home.


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17 responses to “Going Home by Dawn Armstrong

  1. Excellent view into the mind. Nicely done.

  2. Wow. Blown away by the power here. Very nice.

    • Dawn Armstrong

      Michael, thank you. I didn’t really notice the power so thank you for pointing it out. I guess we see our own work differently.

  3. I wouldn’t have thought of this take on the theme, but you really nailed this. Nice.

  4. Dear Dawn, Powerful stuff – you had me from the first sentence on – and then the last line – I imagined her fixed gaze and the stones in her pocket.

  5. Wow, great interpretation of the theme. I wish she’d take her prozac. Powerful stuff. Peace…

  6. guy

    I think a lot of people might have felt this way. I imagine they’d say “hey, that’s how i would describe it.” But you’re the one who described it

  7. Powerful piece, straight at the reader, and very relatable. Nicely pared down choices.

    • Dawn Armstrong

      Thank you, Robert. I’m glad it’s something that people can relate to. Everyone goes through things like this at times. I think it allows people to feel better when they know others experience similar things.

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  9. I’ve been pondering this story for a few days, trying to figure out when I’d felt similarly about a piece of writing. Mrs. Dalloway. Virginia Woolf. Yep. Then go read the opening to Michael Cunningham’s THE HOURS. Peace…

    • Dawn Armstrong

      Thank you, Linda. I don’t know what to say. That’s wonderful feedback. I’m very happy that the submission stayed with you for a few days too.

  10. Kim Hutchinson

    Very strong writing. The hopeless feeling as the crash overtakes her is immensely powerful.

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