Hector’s Car by Melissa McEwen

Covington Street is a narrow street; it has no yellow line on its pavement and Hector (who lives at the end of Covington) speeds down it as though he is fleeing the cops. His station wagon makes so much noise and is so wide it takes up half the road. Although it rattles like he’s got lots of loose parts in the trunk, Hector drives it like a race-car. It sounds as if it will fall apart as soon as it rounds the corner. And even though he fusses with his car all day on Sundays, it never sounds any better. Covington Streeters shake their heads and say, “Now, why doesn’t that boy just get his car fixed?” Others say, “Or sell it.” But they don’t mean it. Hector’s station wagon is part of the community like a long-time resident. In summer, he blasts his music loud and no one complains or calls the cops; they open their windows and dance. And in the early early-morning, when he goes to do whatever it is he does, Hector’s noisy car is to the folks on Covington Street what roosters are to the folks in the country. And they yawn and stretch without even looking at the clock.


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10 responses to “Hector’s Car by Melissa McEwen

  1. Lovely images, lovely vision of a community.

  2. Missy

    Why, thank you, Susan!! Thanks for reading.

  3. Mmm! I told you already, I love this!

  4. I love how the car is the main character. Nice!

  5. shaneshane

    like a long-time resident, mmm!

  6. Missy

    Thanks y’all!

  7. Great cross-section of a morning through a car’s POV. Peace…

  8. Car as character, a fun take on the week’s theme. Well done!

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  10. Kim Hutchinson

    I love how you’ve shown the character of an entire neighborhood through a quirky car and driver. Nicely done!

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