Big World by Michelle Elvy


Partied with Walt under his
backyard breadfruit tree
John cut del, cadaver labia
met mopey Leonard smelling of dollar store shampoo
glycerine temporality, delicate and plastic
a fictitious Mount Richard
caramel puddings sticky with salt
>caramel pbalanced
on a blue-balled piñata-man

Over there, cop saves guy he thinks a thief
by the water, two naked girls ready for anything
a woman rushes in, her dim date living
in smoky oblivion

Another sees gray,
holding a box of watercolors
while a man moos melodious to his clapping daughter
Cinnamon girl’s smirking
at stinky kid lurking
near a guy with a plate of chorizo

Merkelmutter’s not sleeping
and an EMT holds a hooker’s hand sweetly
Telephone rings — Lady Gaga –
business bitches here, too

Someone recalls the Fenway fondly
his cracked head like earthquakes in EnZed
Joe’s freezing on the ledge
and a boy punches kid Cody

Then: we all peer into an octopus’s garden

Rabbitfoot falls off a cliff
Boa wraps round a supple neck
Manx-Cat-tats flex
while man on street awaits woman in Benz
whose bad haircut perches perfectly
atop her small head

Now: music, language, Gilgamesh, Odysseus
Postcard-memories Bahamian seashells
Postcard — poetry in a grain of sand —
but not for the girl who marries a man
whose wilderness is deeper than her own

Meropi’s on time her goat’s bell’s chiming
and now I’m climbing
above clouds of the Tararuas

or descending into oblivion
connecting with the void
snow on a hot cheek
snow on– KAPOW! –
I float away to today


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12 responses to “Big World by Michelle Elvy

  1. Brilliant! It’s amazing what you’ve done here, Michelle! I loved this line: “caramel puddings sticky with salt
    on a blue-balled piñata-man”

  2. Randal Houle

    Cinammon girl lurking… business bitches… Then: Now: …
    Loved it all.

  3. Hey thanks for the early reads, Susan and Randal. I had so much fun writing this (with some latenight editing by Walt, too). Did you find your own stories in there? Hard to squeeze 35 weeks into 250 words: now there was a challenge!

  4. Quenby Larsen

    Cornucopia of wonderfulness!

  5. It’s amazing how you squeezed everything into this one poem. Absolutely brilliant! And yes, I caught one of my lines… :)

    Great job!

  6. guy

    You must be really good at crosswords, especially the British ones.

    It’s fun to pick out the stories that supplied the parts. One can read this as a meta-commentary on the whole project, too. (I’m flattered to be here. Thanks!)

    ‘Loose connections’ turned out to be a really good theme. Lots of people worked it into the method/structure of their pieces.

  7. I adore the use of creative liberty here, Michelle. What fun to try to match your interpretation to the stories posted this week (and yet another inspiring collection at that!)

    I hope you know how wonderful this 52/250 journey has been for me, and thanks for creating, and continuing to create, it.

  8. What a great gift for the talented folks who contribute to this great project. I’m always excited Sunday nights to see if I’m included, and Thursday nights to read everyones flash.

  9. Ah Michelle — this is fun! Very meta-zen! It’s like 35 weeks worth of flashbacks all relayed in a wonderfully quirky yet resonant way.

    Thank you all three for 52/250 — it is my writing bootcamp. And what a marvelous ride amongst all the marvelous writerly human beans. Peace…

  10. Michelle, this is just wondeful, bursting with creativity and goodness! Well done! And you’ve created a home for so many characters and stories. Meropi feels at home in this poem.
    Thank you all three too for this project. It makes my week, I look forward to Fridays and to completing the stories; I don’t know what I will do when June comes…

  11. Pingback: Week #35 – Loose connections | 52|250 A Year of Flash

  12. Kim Hutchinson

    Love this mash-up, and thank you (to all the editors) so much for creating this writing lifeline. I hope it continues.

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