Bride and Groom By Tina Barry

At the flea market where we buy candles shaped like fairies and soap that wafts patchouli, sits a man in a wheelchair. He wears an old black tux, shiny at the elbows, and his gray hair has been styled and sprayed into a fragile tornado. On his lap sits a Chihuahua wearing a bridal outfit—veil and all. No one seems to notice the couple, except us. We can’t stop staring at them staring into each other’s eyes, so much in love.


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16 responses to “Bride and Groom By Tina Barry

  1. very very very good story. original and fresh!

  2. Welcome to the mix, Tina B! So happy you are here. And a great story for this week’s theme. Unusual, and rare, precious really. A sweet love story! Well done.

    • Tina Barry

      Thanks Robert. The story is part of a longer piece about Woodstock. One of the others is Rose Tattoo that you’re going to publish in Thunderclap. Fertile ground, that Woodstock.

  3. I love the detail, really memorable image! Thanks.

  4. i really loved this. each word works so hard and your descriptions are superb– “his gray hair has been styled and sprayed into a fragile tornado.”
    great job.

  5. Wow, that was creepy. You managed to paint the picture with very few words. Well done.

  6. John Riley

    Great writing! So much in so few words and not one word out of place. Wonderful.

  7. Tina Barry

    Thanks ganymeder and John. Glad you like the story.

  8. Wow, what a sparkling little piece. I love the imagery and particularly his ‘fragile tornado’. Bravo!

  9. Yes. Just yes. Welcome to 52/250! Peace…

  10. Tina Barry

    “Yes” works for me. Thanks Linda!

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