Human Behavior by Susan Gibb

He felt the warm wet tip of her tongue in his ear, gritting his teeth against it. Sandpapery, much like a cat’s. Why does one have to bow to the whims of a lover?

Meanwhile, she squirmed under the touch of him rolling her nipple between forefinger and thumb. She hated that, though her body responded more naturally to it than her mind. She didn’t know him well enough yet to tell him it wasn’t something she liked.

He huffed and puffed above her and just as she thought he would give out a groan, he tucked both arms underneath her, rolled the two of them over, and sat her on top. She didn’t like being on top, especially when she was already exhausted. It was a lazy-lover thing to do, and she thought she’d done her job already, actively bucking and panting flat on her back for what seemed like hours.

He was annoyed. Damn, she was losing momentum. He gripped her waist and bounced her up and down. She gratefully accepted his help.

Finally, finally it was over and he let her slide off to lie beside him. Jesus, she thought he’d never be done.

Shit, he thought, I’m sure no one’s ever held out this long just to please her. Her soft purring beside him, he didn’t realize, was already a snore.


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20 responses to “Human Behavior by Susan Gibb

  1. guy

    Ha. I’d swear off sex if i hadn’t already.

  2. Why Miss Susan Gibb I do declare… pretty raw for you and I like it, it’s nice to see the gals break loose now and again!

  3. Tina Barry

    Enjoyed this (a lot more than the couple!).

  4. glorious! and great structure, the constantly changing perspectives, each paragraph adding (or rather: unwrapping) another layer.

  5. “Finally it was over.” We’ve all been there at least once – In terms of identification, I actually laughed out loud. Thank you for brightening a gray London day.

  6. Great writing, particularly the tone; complaining while (somewhat) the throes of passion. I really enjoyed this.

  7. Gee, and I thought sex was supposed to be fun… :D

    Enjoyed the shifting perspective, fun!

  8. you write “sexy” really well. maybe it’s your niche! i really enjoyed this. “it was a lazy-lover thing to do” and the other snippets really nail her personality. great job.

  9. oh my , aint that the way?? fine piece susan

  10. John Riley

    Is bad sex better than no sex at all? A universal question. This is so insightful. Thanks for posting it.

  11. Oh Susan, this is hysterical. I swear I have had this very sex. What a laugh. Oh dear, never again.

  12. I think everyone, both guys and gals, will admit to at least one less than exhilarating night of sex.

  13. What!…No pictures?!!

    The kitty-cat allusions had me rolling, Susan. And terrific dual perspective.

  14. Nicolette Wong

    vivid, funny and surprising. as always.

  15. Catherine Davis

    Oh. So. True. You’ve nailed this variation on love/sex. Excellent, Susan.

  16. Ha, you nailed this, much better than the man did the woman. Very honest peek into the bedroom. Peace…

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