Meeting Time by Michael Webb

I saw her as I walked up. Her back was to me, but I could identify her hair, the curve of her hip, her blouse, her shoes. The line of her skirt was just slightly off- it was higher on one side than it was on the other, and it bothered me- I wanted her to resettle it so the line of dark skirt below creamy white blouse was straight like the equator.

I knew her name- Janelle- and I knew she did something important. I never worked with her directly, but our company was so small I would run into her constantly- coming in or leaving, at the candy machine or heading out to lunch, or around a conference table when some large meeting was called.

I studied her like an animal would- trying to notice patterns. Did she always wear that suit on Fridays? Hair up today to show off those earrings? I intended nothing untoward, but I wondered about her constantly- did she go home to white wine, a microwaved meal, and reality TV? Or did she have a husband, a rugged guy who looked like he belonged in a watch ad? I was a tiny bit in love with her, the way you are with the star of your favorite TV drama.

She gave a tiny, discreet pull, and her skirt was even again. I stood behind her, waiting to go into the meeting, pleased that she had returned order to my world.


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8 responses to “Meeting Time by Michael Webb

  1. I like the detail here, the “discreet pull”. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Melissa

    What a line — “I wanted her to resettle it so the line of dark skirt below creamy white blouse was straight like the equator.”

    I love it.

  3. Interesting, the way he watched her like prey.

  4. great visual cues throughout. nicely done.

  5. Makes me wonder what’s going on in my work place. Wonderful details, the skirt, the sense of stalking (a hunter after his prey?). Peace…

  6. Is that how an animal would study her? Which one? I liked the setting and the correlation to the animal senses (human/animal…so close, so far!)

  7. Great character study! “I meant nothing untoward” seems so ominous–like the prologue in a thriller! How could he watch so closely and not want her for his own? Loved the small details and attention you paid *his* character, the candy machine, watch ad, just as he paid to her.

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