Animal attraction by Annette Rohde

“Hey, why don’t you come around for dinner? You can see my dog’s behaviour for yourself.”

It was his blue eyes that had me on the first blink. You could drown in those eyes. With one look, nothing else existed.

“Okay, that sounds great!” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I immediately regretted it. I can’t put myself through another failed relationship but I have totally fallen for his dog. “But I can’t see how this gorgeous dog of yours could behave anything like you say.”

Sitting in front of the fireplace, glass of red in hand, candles burning, I complimented him on a perfect dinner. “And there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your dog at all, he’s an angel.”

“I think he has fallen for you so he’s on his best behaviour. The test will be when I get closer to you.”

I feel goosebumps as he moves closer. I can feel his breath on my neck, his dog at my feet.

As soon as he moves in to kiss me, the dog jumps up, licking our mouths like he’s trying to finish an ice block before it melts on a very hot day.

“Urgh, get off!” The look on his face goes from saying ‘I told you so’ to a look of confusion … I think I was looking at him as I said this.


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6 responses to “Animal attraction by Annette Rohde

  1. Ha ha ha … well, I wish I had written this! Very funny.

  2. Such is the stuff of sex and animals…and realistic fiction. Yup, have been here, on both ends. Great!

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  4. K

    Ha! This was great. I didn’t expect the ending, loved that!

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