THE HAND THAT FED by Steven M. Stucko

Boat On The Water was my loyal companion for the most trying three years of my life. The handsome lab witnessed my last year drinking and my first two years of sobriety. Excruciatingly challenging times is no overstatement, a sentiment more than a few readers could verify.

Boat loved to swim in Weatherhead Hollow Pond where I have a cabin in southern Vermont. He would play with the mallard families which seemed to enjoy his shenanigans. One night Boaty and I saw a meteorite cross the sky and after that he would always look up when I let him out at night.

I had to put Boat down yesterday because he bit me again. He got easily spooked and would bite when confused. Personification and projection are not lost on me, yet it’s impossible not to try to understand animal behavior with what limited tools we humans possess.

I explained to him that our three years as best pals were up and thanked him profusely with kisses and hugs. I told him I have never needed companionship more intensely than that which he brought to my life. I told him he would sleep forever and dream of ducks and shooting stars. I never cried so hard as he licked at my tears.

I am sure other dog owners have loved their pets as much as I did, but I can assure you none have loved theirs more.


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4 responses to “THE HAND THAT FED by Steven M. Stucko

  1. a nice devotional. felt real. and i liked the name.

  2. This was tender and lovely, carrying emotional weight in its powerful devotion. Nothing like the bond between a man (woman) and his/her dog.

    Suggestion, if I might…not sure you need the last line. It’s like we get it without that. Sometimes with flash, less is truly more.

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