White Room by Matthew A. Hamilton

Freedom inside the white room
is liberation from nothing.
I have nothing. I once had an opinion,
but even that was taken away from me.
A Manipulative shadow in a white coat
breathes crimson fire
black smoke
blue mist
a deceptive light
in the unpredictable
I was diagnosed as deranged.
I have been transformed from
society man to asylum master. I have gray
pajamas and swollen eyes.
I try to sleep, but my mind is ablaze with
greedy fire. The man in the next room is dead. I know
because I can no longer hear him talking to his dead sister
in the hallway. You can kill yourself with anything in here.
I am in the center of a doctrinaire universe, where
those who fear me scavenge my mind for a sickness that I do not have.
I am pushed into the solitary cold water room.
I submerge myself in the darkness. I search for cracks of light.
I feel my frozen muscles tighten. How long will it take me to die?


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6 responses to “White Room by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Deborah A. Upton

    As I read this, I definitely feel the derangement that wasn’t but now is.

  2. that was intense. felt like i was on a roller coaster headed down the whole way.
    and i liked the colorful descriptions at the beginning.

  3. A sadness, heavy despair, and the world that weighs upon the soul. Can feel the former intact self as the diagnosed as deranged character reveals. Nice use of imagery, and metaphor. I do wonder if you need the last line, the question? Might see if there is an even heavier, less direct way to impact the reader.

  4. Intense, like ‘Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather’… Good one.

  5. I like your delving into poetry these past few weeks. This one, intense, almost paralyzing. I agree with Robert — perhaps omit the last line and end with cracks of light. A bit more tension that way. Peace…

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