Plunge by Michelle Elvy


David Charles Terrence Saunders, DDS, stared into his blurry whisky glass and wondered just how he was going to get home. It had been Brad’s idea to come to The Mermaid Bar, though Dave had thought his strip bar days had ended when he’d asked Sally to marry him and she’d said yes.

But that was before Sally flew off with a flight attendant — a flight attendant, for chrissakes! – before Brad had convinced him that flyfishing and titties would cheer him up.

Dave could not help but be drawn in by the beauty of the gliding mermaid before him – the redhead who’d been swishing her tail at him all night long. He was mesmerized by all that wet — the waving green plastic kelp, the twinkling pink pebbles, the gold sparkles dancing on the wavelets. And the smooth dreamlike creatures in the enormous center-stage aquarium. He lost himself between his shallow whisky glass and the deep tank and spent most of the evening a world away from Sally, whose memory was quickly becoming dull and dry. As he drank in everything, he entered new levels of despair and joy. He could not be sure what attracted him more, the golden water or the girl, but he soon found himself sinking at an alarming rate to the bottom of the tank floor and gasping large mouthfuls of water, grey images of Sally swimming in his head as he looked to the redheaded mermaid to come to his rescue.


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8 responses to “Plunge by Michelle Elvy

  1. guy

    I see the plastic kelp and the neon colours and want to lose myself the trashiness. Drink & drunkeness are often presented as abstract states, but one has to get there from somewhere. I read this and understand how it happens.

  2. Every Sailor dreams of Mermaids, Titties and Flyfishing. My favorite line is ” he entered new levels of despair and joy.” Isn’t that what what love is? Thank you for sharing.

  3. this is different for you, but fun. “he was mesmerized by all that wet.” loved it.

  4. The mermaid rescued him in more ways than one. Nicely done.

  5. I enjoyed this light/heavy, happy/sad piece from you. And the fantasy elements worked their sparkling magic into the theme too. Sweet!

  6. Puts ‘getting wet’ on a whole new level. I liked especially your seeming contradictory descriptions ‘becoming dull and dry’ — ‘new levels of despair and joy.’. Nicely done.

  7. Loved the fantastical details here. Very different, like the stretching here. Peace…

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