Border Town Dawn by Darryl Price

Border town meant
one thing; we were
caught up good in

the middle of
something dangerous;
and understanding

was at
the very least
a hundred miles

away in either
All I remember

is wanting
to tell you that
when you sat down

and got up again
your butt crack
made an unexpected

Like a bright
moon that wasn’t

there a moment
ago. You’re not
sad about the

fact just surprised.
I’m not complaining.
I just want

to do my duty
as your witness
and,well, your

sometimes friend. Man,
that is some white,
white sand! Okay,

okay, you can’t
expect me not
to notice. Plus

I’m no good at
just saying,whoa.


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10 responses to “Border Town Dawn by Darryl Price

  1. LOL, very light and funny poem. Great job!

  2. Surprising, and very real. Nice!

  3. very mysterious – understanding, a hundred miles away in either direction, that is when you first had me hooked. loved this | maitre d’

  4. leaves me smiling, who can’t when butt crack shows up in the middle of a poem? peace…

  5. Kelly

    that is the first poetic treatment of the subject I have ever…encountered, hehe. whoa!

  6. A different style for you, lighter and humorous. I like the smooth touch, the subject matter and pared down words.

  7. this was hysterical and very clever. rarely have i seen a poem this funny, if at all.

  8. *snort*
    Perhaps it’s funnier because I thought you were going some place heavy, especially with “understanding//was at/the very least/a hundred miles//away in either/direction.”

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