TIJUANA by Marcus Speh

Four sex shop owners met to discuss their dire dominions. Teri considered herself lucky: she had re-opened her establishment among beech trees in the park and the customers were flocking to her.

It’s like a fresh breeze, she said.

Jenna was thinking about selling pizza and porn. She’d had a Margherita the other day – that means no meat, she said – and when the pizza was thin and tasty, clients might feel inclined to take a flick home with the food. Especially couples, Jenna assured herself. Sarah had said little the whole time and when they asked her why she kept quiet, she said crustily that she was going to sell her concern to Tony Tonic, the adult movie star.

I feel a little sad about it, she said, I’m going to miss the free merchandise, but this man’s got a great name in the industry and I heard he cannot get it up anymore.

You don’t say, said Teri, his tackle is famous.

He feels useless now and a freak he says, Sarah said and sighed.

The last one, Marge, smiled cryptically: she was secretly in love with Tony Tonic, would double her profits by taking over Sarah’s shop and have a baby by January.


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18 responses to “TIJUANA by Marcus Speh

  1. Oh my–I was wondering where you were headed with this! Love the intrigue that surfaces at the end. So well done!

  2. guy

    There once were two sex shops facing each other on St-Catherine St in Montreal. They were run by rivals who threw lawsuits and government investigations across the street. Finally, the one on the south side of the street burned down. People said the owner of the other shop had something to do with the fire.

    Maybe i’m misremembering or making things up, but it makes a good story anyway.

  3. Randal Houle

    Nicely drawn images here, Marcus. Full of subtext.

  4. Kelly

    there’s definitely some unexpected poignancy here

  5. Sex, secrets, and political intrigue. What’s not to like?

  6. I’ve been to Tijuana, had quite a different experience than this one. I think I prefer yours, Marcus, by far!
    A great scene and I, too, enjoyed the twist that comes at the end.
    How’s Katmandu? Enjoying your experience there?

  7. Pizza and porn… very funny. Love the intrigue here, and the positioning. Last time I went to Tijuana I bought medications over-the-counter that cost a fortune in the US, and got food poisoning. No pizza, no porn. Sigh. Peace…

  8. what a great sentence and all the paragraphs that follow. then you pepper it with witty bits like “that means no meat” and “she said crustily.” clever, clever fellow. you always throw me for a loop because i never know what to expect from you.

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