Center St. by Guy Yasko

We would like to thank Guy Yasko for his painting for this week, Center St. Here is what he had to say:

This is a view of my hometown. I wasn’t happy with the way the shadows were working out and stopped working on it. Fortunately, that left the building in the middle a ghostly shell of a building — which it is.

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17 responses to “Center St. by Guy Yasko

  1. Beautiful painting. And I like the white unfilled spaces in the watercolor, adds interest.

  2. Missy

    Love this. If this theme was put together as a book, this would be the perfect cover I think.

  3. I agree, Missy! I love this painting!

  4. There is an evocative quality to your painting that I admire, Guy, and it correlates to your writing. This is lovely, is it for sale?

  5. Love it! Didn’t realize how diverse your talent is!

  6. guy

    Aw shucks… Thanks everybody. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And Robert, y’know, i would part with this one.

  7. Gorgeous, Guy. Love the washed look of this, lends a filmy, ethereal quality. More, please? Peace…

  8. Delicacy. Swift stokes say it all. Love the red truck, love the whole. Perfect.

  9. George Rimakis

    If you still have that bag of pens with the black and green parker 51’s, i’d still be interested in buying them… Let me know.


  10. absolutely love this watercolor painting. so well done. post some of your art at the kaffe in katmandu? ( – send me a note via the ‘ask…’ button for an invite) txs!

  11. really vibrant and evocative – love this piece – my grandfather did wc and this so much reminds me of his. well done guy

  12. Terrific watercolor, Guy.

  13. So ethereal and beautiful. The softness of the water paint brings to mind old, small town America. Thanks for sharing this with our stories!

  14. Deborah A. Upton

    A person wouldn’t normally think of a town as being soothing, but this watercolor is definitely soothing.

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