Frau im Mond by Marcus Speh

It was clear to him that there was a woman on the moon, quite possibly waiting to be rescued since the Great Depression. Now that the macroeconomic cycle had come round again, as scientists all across the planet were busying themselves with explanations of why and how history seemed to repeat itself like a girl on a playground swinging back and forth and back and forth, few were thinking of space travel and he might be able to snatch a rocket from an abandoned shuttle site to visit that woman in her oracular wasteland, bring her back to Earth and find love once and for all.


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16 responses to “Frau im Mond by Marcus Speh

  1. Yes! Love once and for all… beautiful. Like the prose poem format here a lot.

  2. randalhoule

    And Groucho said, “talk about your long distance relationships.”
    Nice approach to the theme. Cheers!

  3. what a ride of thoughts and images. that’s so thought-provoking: history a girl on a playground swinging back and forth. and then, the sudden turn to love.
    + great, this sudden german title for a story written in english. Frau im Mond.

  4. You are continually verging on new explorations of themes and stories and methods in which to write them. I like the German title and the nearly one-sentence paragraph, very Whitman-esque. And to end on love. Ahhh. Without the Disney schmaltz.

    • thank you, robert, i really appreciate your close reading and the meta angle which you use to analyse writing … this is weimarer schmaltz if anything – check out the movie itself in my previous reply…and write well!

  5. Lots of imagination and dreams in just two sentences. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks, catherine! as i said above: working “from a movie” image helps with that. so many associations went already into that story. the art of the flash is then perhaps to bring it back to life. looking forward to read your stuff this week, too…

  6. Darryl P.

    This put a smile on my face. Thanks.

  7. Yay for lieb und die frau im Mond!

    Wonderful lightness. Danke! Peace…

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  9. Love the form that sets the pace, a single sentence of a wish, a dream, a hope that prevails against the odds of flying from earth to moon. Perfect!

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