Full Moon, Blue Moon by Michelle McEwen

Whenever there is a full moon, ma always gets the need to call daddy long distance down south — even though daddy isn’t thinking about her. He only calls us once in a blue moon and that’s to check up on his baby girls. Every time the moon is big and bright in the hall window, ma says, “Look at that moon” and runs to the kitchen phone to call daddy. Daddy always picks up on the second ring and ma always says, “The moon made me call. Remember how you used to get when there was a full moon?” Ma doesn’t give daddy time to remark; she just gets right to explaining to daddy how daddy used to be during a full moon. “Remember how you’d come home from work and start fussin? That was the moon in you,” she usually says, laughing — her laugh more like a howl. Then she’ll lower her voice — say, “And after all that fussin, you’d be all over me making me feel like how I looked before the babies. No man ever gon’ top your lovin!” Knowing daddy, this makes him smile; daddy is a fool for praising. And I swear I can hear his smile across the kitchen into the living room where me and my sister always sit listening to ma explaining daddy to daddy. “I swear your daddy some kin to the moon,” she sometimes says on her way through the living room to her bedroom to dream about daddy.


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13 responses to “Full Moon, Blue Moon by Michelle McEwen

  1. Michelle, what a wonderful and moving story. Sad at the same time.

  2. Thanks for reading. :-)

  3. I like the language and mood in this piece, the longing, haunting sadness. So much said with so very little. And the voice and POV is wonderful, too, seen and spoken through the daughter’s eyes.

  4. Missy

    I love the title and “that was the moon in you…”

    and my favorite: “…listening to ma explaining daddy to daddy.”

    At first I felt bad for the mama, but it seems like she’s happy just dreaming about him and calling him to reminisce. That’s enough for her. Seems like she’d rather has that, then him actually _there_. She romanticizes him _now_, but I bet if he was there, she’d be sick of his a__!

  5. Missy

    I meant “rather have”

  6. Ha, Missy! Great comment!

  7. Seems that the kids have a better idea of the parents relationship than the parents themselves. Love the part about how she explained daddy to daddy!

  8. sweet, sweet story, love the voice here, the characters, the indefatigable Ma, how she never gives up trying to get him back.

  9. Michelle, the voice here is like all your other ‘voices’ — amazing, perfect, compelling. You breathe characters onto paper. Like pa is the man in the moon. Lovely. Peace…

  10. I love how Ma focused on the positive and pased thsi on to the kids – well done!

  11. Alexandra Pereira

    I really enjoyed reading this story and agree with many of the other comments! :-) It is so “neatly packed” and says so much in so little. I see a lot of color and hope among the sadness…

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  13. I love this, there is so much about relationships and time and how love changes. Nicely done!

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