what this spring by Piet Nieuwland

a stranger in familiar country

with the birth of sight her name was seeing

in turquoize grey glances lasting hours

and that seeing is ploughing,
the eyes unfurling, unfolding,
a peeling back

nga kahu over
kowhaitotarapuriri hillslopes,
long ridgelines silent
but for the green of air

and what spring will do
to this place
this spring
will do

life will do with itself
what living will do with us

in the forest
in the forest in the forest
in in the forest the forest
in the forest as mantra
in the mandala of crowns

in the shade and possibilities of leaves
phyllodes and pointing of needles

in the question
ocean is for forest,
forest is for ocean

and the answer that skies are, for both of them

the beach is a bay surrounded by islands, the islands are bays surrounded by beaches,
the beaches are on islands carried by cliffs, the cliffs hang from ridges sweating with forest,
the forest is a jungle of vines, the vines are seeds searching for light, the light is heavy
with moisture, the water is a cloud, the cloud is a purple eye singing to drumbeats and cicada,
spiders bouncing and a silver fish spinning a weave in the throat of a tern

a moon of magnolias
flower from your eyes

your heart of baskets laden
with nectars of mango papaya and pawpaw

the morning is a cardinal honeyeater
undressing the petals of a coral tree
your crimson lips blushing

silver flower of dusk
black rose of sunset


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5 responses to “what this spring by Piet Nieuwland

  1. Not quite sure what to make of this. The rythym is great and I love the way the thoughts seem to flow into each other over and over. I especially liked the last stanza. Very nice.

  2. This is a song, a lilting joy to read. Peace…

  3. Nice rhythm here and lovely nature references.

  4. Making the familiar strange … an experience to read this.

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