Disregarding 12 O 2 by Martin Porter

(Sea of Tranquility, 20:17 UT, July 20, 1969)

30 seconds.

Twelve o two is crying for attention.
Overloaded, the god in the machine
Is in a state of panic
And demands that you stop.

But down below, the surface
Where you are going
Looks so interesting, so dangerous,
Grey, pored with sharp edged holes,

Tempting in the blandness,
But each block a risk of irreversible
Landing. Dust fans out
In long white streaks

And the shadow of the spider legs
Meet the spider legs.
The guys about to turn blue
Breathe again, the guys up there

Simply breathe.


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7 responses to “Disregarding 12 O 2 by Martin Porter

  1. Love the details up front that provide the setting. This is a wonderful exploration of this week’s theme.

    • Martin

      There was some discussion about the obscurity of this poem, so I am glad that you appreciated the details up front. I was unsure if they would enhance the poem so your comment settles my mind a touch. This shows the real value of feedback, so many thanks for your comment.

  2. Before I read the part about ‘Sea of Tranquility’ (missed it the first time) I thought this was about falling from a great height. In a way, I still think it is. Wonderful. I really liked this.

    • Martin

      This comment has given me much food for thought, as the location and time was included in the poem by request. I am fascinated that you have gleaned enough info from the poem to find an understanding which matches the intention without the location. As I am a believer that poetry is a co-operative interpretation shared between composer and audience, your comment has cheered my heart. Many thanks for the feedback.

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