Speed by Guy Yasko

People ask me what i think about when i run. They want to hear ‘sex’ or something. I say ‘nothing’.

I ran cross country once. Thoughts ran me down. Everytime. Same with
them. Bunch of nervous wrecks.

Now i run in circles, 400m. In school they said drugs don’t work:
problems are still there when you’re done. I know. I still want speed.


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8 responses to “Speed by Guy Yasko

  1. Very edgy work, very good micro fiction! The voice on this is pure.

  2. Yes, very edgy. The small i connotes so much. The last line kills. Peace…

  3. randalhoule

    Nice voice and nicely connected distance/speed/drugs, etc.

  4. The layers of meaning in this are potent. Nice work.

  5. Like the added “weight?” that happens while running track (or just running), this piece takes information and uses the inverse. Layers added, or stripped.
    ‘I still want speed’: B I N G O!

  6. guy

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

    I used to run. I never felt a runner’s high or euphoria, but the idea of putting my mind in neutral for a while was really appealing.

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  8. A lot going on in such a short piece, such a much shorter run than cross country. Nicely done.

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