LOTUS by Linda Simoni-Wastila

Drape me with silk
lustrous as the line of my thigh,
feed me oysters
champagne lapped, finger napped,
cream mountains whipped
to fill my hollows.
Make cartography with your mouth,
mountains with your fingers,
trace highways down my belly
with your tickle tongue
moan your prayers
hush in my ear you are done
with her.
But even these offerings will
not unfurl me.


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13 responses to “LOTUS by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. guy

    I The wrapping theme works for me. I like the way this unfolds.

  2. Roberta

    “Make cartography with your mouth”

    Beautiful. :)

  3. randalhoule

    Great approach to the theme.

  4. What a great time you have with language here, Linda. The wordplay and imagery are lush and it’s a a beautiful read. So nice to read some of your poetry! Dan

  5. Very lush language here. Liked how the whole time the feeling is of someone trying to reach, unwrap, someone else, but the final line drives home that they can’t be.

  6. I’m unsure if I’ve ever experienced your poetry before. What a lovely mix of imagery, tone, sultry and passionate. I enjoyed this immensely. Nice take on the theme, you continue to amaze me in such a great way.

  7. Darryl P.

    Very powerful ending which sends the reader right back up to the top again. Neat trick brilliantly done.

  8. No doubt about it. He was a skillful lover. Too bad he didn’t know the password. Sensous poetry. Love the connection between the beginning – ‘drape’ and the ending ‘will not unfurl.’ Doris

  9. Alexandra Pereira

    I really enjoyed your poem… So beautifully written! Like a painting… I can visualize all the physical and emotional aspects of the scene, enjoying it with a glass of champagne! :-)

  10. This is superb, Linda. The images are so vibrant and yet don’t overshadow the story here that’s held within the lyrical lines.

  11. Dear all, thank you so much for reading. I’ve had quite a crazy work week and am just getting around to reading everyone’s stories and poems. I left a note on my fictionaut post about the title, which refers to sexual purity and distance. I discovered the context of the word lotus only after I’d written and titled the poem, which I thought was cool — subconscious at work! Peace…

  12. Kelly

    I like the rhythm of the words, and the way the ending maintains that rhythm even as it withholds

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