Love by Matt Potter

“I’ve met someone,” Trent beams down the phone.

Thank God, I think. The drought has broken.

“You must meet him.”

Standing on the corner, I wonder if Trent’s new boyfriend will look like any of the exes: tall and muscled, like Rodrigo, Manny and Bruce? Petite and muscled, like Kim, Jackie and Ba? Or hairy and muscled, like Spike, Max and Bruce (doing double duty ten years and a new body later)?

“Hi, stranger.” Trent’s arms enclose me. A bursting warmth shines through his eyes.

“This guy’s worked wonders,” I say.

“I’m like a new man,” Trent trills. Then holds up his hand, as if pledging allegiance. “Wait: I am a new man!”

“Come in,” he says, leading me through a side door. And into a church. Which I’d noticed while waiting but thought was just a meeting point.

Trent stops before a statue of a buff Jesus. “Meet the new man in my life.”

Trent’s had many phases: Madonna, Bette, leather, water sports, rollerblading, haiku, chicken queen, rice queen, muscle queen, daddy. But religion? This is new.

But there’s no denying Trent looks a different – certainly happier – person.

“How serious is this?” I say.

He lays his hands on my arm. “Come with me to my prayer meeting tonight.”

I look for a chink, to find the Trent I’ve always known.

“I can’t,” I say. “I have a date with the devil.”

“Oh,” he says. But I see the familiar spark in his eyes. “Tell him I said hello.”


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14 responses to “Love by Matt Potter

  1. There is a snappy reality to this story that really comes through. Funny and believable with all the right quirk–

  2. Read this at fn in between meetings, and loved the smart dialogue. Great stuff, and made me smile bigtime. Peace…

  3. guy

    Loved the wit at the end. A pleaure to read. Thanks.

  4. Thank you all for your great reception. Actually, this story makes me cry too.

  5. Al McDermid

    ‘water sports, rollerblading, haiku’!? This list not only had me laughing, it really helps me see this guy and leaving me wondering, what next? Great story.

  6. I really enjoyed the banter in this, how the dialogue told the story.

  7. I already commented on this story at Fictionaut, Matt, but I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. h.b.

    So true, till you are ready to make the change. No matter what, we recognize our faults. We will make the change,when we are ready and accept our purpose within. Nice and truthful.

  9. Love the sassy tone to this story. Funny and brash and sweet, too.

  10. great job, matt. loved it.

  11. How great is this? I loved that the dialogue set a pace that mimicked the changes this guy seems to go through. Nice one, Matt.

  12. Kelly

    nicely done, Matt – I enjoyed this

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