Revelation by Len Kuntz

Since the apocalypse, we are all in search of new skins.

People troll dark places. Shadows are temporary havens where we tread in foul clouds. Withered forests roil underfoot, eager to pull us down.

The youngest amongst our group are the most vicious–toddlers who don’t know how to play gentle. We watch them wild-eyed, this new breed of evil gnomes, shredding each other with their claws and fang teeth grown unwieldy.

We’ve had all the time in the world to make sense of our destruction, yet the experts’ answers have kept us confused. Some say we had the wrong world leaders, that we gagged the environment, that we were greedy or not greedy enough.
We’re told about cycles.

We’re told there is a way out if we are reasonable.

There are abundant solutions but no one has the right password. The world is too gray to see, its people forever distracted.

So, our old dermis shrinks more each day, pain and pressure squeezing our skulls. We scurry and scratch, searching in panic for new skins.

When we find loaves in a shed, a happy wailing goes up.

As we eat, one wise person points to the faded wall sketch—a portrait, a seven, a series of numbers. We’ve seen it before, years ago, in a dream or book, heard it recited from someone’s animated lips, but now another of us finds a great cache of soup cans, so we wail again, we hoot, we set about making fire.


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7 responses to “Revelation by Len Kuntz

  1. Apocolypse! Scary stuff here, and very well done. You hit on the key points of misery: shrinking dermis, food shortage, regrets.
    The feeling of confusion in the piece is profound! Very good story!

  2. A physical manifestation of a society’s emotional deterioration… very clever!

  3. This leaves me with such tension roiling under my skin. The findings of soup cans, the making of fire — so elemental, the bottom of Mazlov’s pyramid. Great chilling stuff. Peace…

  4. thanks, everyone. really appreciate you reading.

  5. Len, this is a winner in all aspects. Love particularly how it builds and then the finding of food just makes everyone forget their circumstances and plans.

  6. There are so many individual sentences that add up to a dazzling piece in this story, Len. It is starkly lush and fantastic!

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