root access by Guy Yasko

I like my cubicle. I have my sunshine, my tea cup and my figurines:
Jabba the Hutt, Chewbacca — all the good ones.

But what i really like is logging in. Push the button, type, return,
enter the circle. I can do things. I’m wanted. I belong.

Then i think i could do more, be further in. I want more.


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12 responses to “root access by Guy Yasko

  1. Oh oh oh … I smiled at this … and then thought, should I be smiling? Ha ha … well, that was my reaction. A nerd happy in his nerd-dom. An there is a bit of nerd in most of us, so it’s quite universal. And I enjoyed the laugh.

  2. guy

    It’s perfectly OK to laugh. Glad you did.

  3. I’m not laughing – and that just goes to prove that every reader comes from a different place. I know this guy. His insularity is sad and a bit scary. The uppercase “I’ getting smaller and smaller and finally just lowercase “i.” I am totally impressed that you did so much with so few words. Doris

    • guy

      To tell the truth, that’s a bit how i read it. He — probably a he — gets off on hieararchies of inclusion and access.

      Thanks for the read and feedback, Doris.

  4. Melissa McEwen

    I didn’t see it as a bad thing, at first. I saw him feeling safe in his own little world with his figurines and logging in. He is home there. But by the end, I see, that he will be consumed by it and only know this “world.”

  5. Hits hard with both fear and longing for that need to belong. Nice.

  6. this is so powerful. susan nailed my reaction. you got so much in such a small space. peace…

  7. Kelly

    all the good ones….was it a coincidence that the common denominator might be how far from human they are? tension in nerdom, I think, stasis and movement both shaped by character

  8. I think you are the wizard of the least words used each week. Masterful.

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