Hands by Michael Solender


We would like to thank Michael J. Solender for his picture Hands. Here is what Michael had to say about this great shot:

I took this photo outside of Mysore, India in September, 2010. I went around the back of a petrol station in search of the restroom and found these young men playing this game. I was fascinated by their hands. I don’t know the name of the game but they were quite involved and barely noticed me.

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6 responses to “Hands by Michael Solender

  1. Melissa

    Nice shot!!!!

    And just the right shot for the password theme.

  2. this is a terrific image. it has sound, music, a clacking, smells, climate. Yep, I got all that from this photo– and a sense that there is danger lurking too

  3. What a composition: playing a simple game, and yet what lies beneath this surface? Also, the POV and shot perspective taken from above. So intriguing, and a great pic for the theme this week. Nice one, Michael. (I hope to go to India in December 2011, my third time).

  4. Beautiful image, Michael. I love the softness of the skin and clothing against the hardness of the ground and the angles of the lines.

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