A Grand New Day by Doug Bond

Earlier that night, hungry and tired, the man split his last $50 between a bucket of chicken and the copay for a new mega-tranquilizer. Lying awake, burping, and more anxious than ever, he begins to think he’s been had. When sleep finally comes it is a compromised somnolence marked by bad dreams, swallowing seas and great cracks in the earth opening under his feet.

At first light he feels it immediately, a change in the air, the lifting of a great many pounds. He hurries out the front door. A bustle and buzz attends everything he sees. Stepping up to the landing, a golden haired youth hands him a paper.

“But I don’t subscribe to this paper.”

“Don’t worry, no one does anymore. Not that way. Not the old way.”

The man’s never seen this many people in his neighborhood, all of them, frankly, as jaunty and free floating as quicksilver.

A choir of street barkers and pin-striped bondsmen stroll arm-in-arm down the cobbles singing:

We let go at the very first hint,
Broke the bank and the dusty old Mint.
No quid pro quo for your nickel and dime,
For now we know we’ve got plenty of time.

Foresake the Dow!
Stop your shilling!
Trust not in Trust!
We know you’re willing!

The man calls out to the paper bearer who has yet to turn back into
the fray. “What’s happened?”

“The money’s gone, that’s what. We’re free. Free at last. Thank God
Almighty, we are free at last!”


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6 responses to “A Grand New Day by Doug Bond

  1. I wonder how that would work? I wonder if we’re going to find out…

    Nice one, Doug.

  2. Darryl P.

    Yeah I think this is so fun and maybe not so fun at the same time. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Love the tone and the writing. Glad to see someone found an upside. Interesting take. We all think of money (or having it) as freedom, but maybe it’s not that simple. I’m going to think about this for quite some time.

  4. i really liked the first paragraph.

  5. Kelly

    hehe, freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, after all

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