CAD20 by Guy Yasko

It is the dogshit thaw, with the trees still bare, the grass still
dead. Black-ringed snow lines the streets. Head down under grey skies
and greyer thoughts: pea soup, shit job…

Dirty, dead-green grass offers up a swatch of blue-green. The queen, a
twenty. Coffee, a few hours in a warm café, tea, milk, ham…

All gone in an hour or two. Tomorrow there will be no twenty.


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10 responses to “CAD20 by Guy Yasko

  1. This hits hard, Guy. I like the reality of it, the grim look of the future.

  2. Just like the weather outside now. Ouch.

  3. you throw a lot of daggers. the descriptions are really sharp, too, bleak, but perfect.

  4. Yes, like Len I feel this is ‘bleak but perfect.’

  5. Kelly

    dogshit thaw, yes. and once again, splendid economy. What’s the title refer to?

  6. guy

    CAD = Canadian Dollar, so twenty bucks. I put it in the title because the Canadian twenty has a different shade of green than the American.

    And thanks everyone! Yeah, it’s kind of a downer, but it’s hard not to be bleak in February.

  7. Hits home that much is sure. Nice word selectioms. And on an odd note I met several Canadians this week. So I saw a 20 bill on occasion, and its a bit greener in the sun. For whatever that’s worth.

  8. stephen

    nice…i quite like the beckett grayness of the piece.

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  10. Gritty. Love the title, the fact that the CAD = pea soup green. Great detail here. Peace…

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