The Lion of the Nile by Tom Allman

The “Lion of the Nile” walked onto the balcony to acknowledge his adoring subjects. Legend has it, as a young solider, he’d killed a lion with a dagger then mounted the lionesses seven times each. Now, the lions of the Delta are gone, save one.

He gave the peasants a tight smile and a half-hearted wave. He failed to notice the upturned faces were gaunt, hungry and bent on revolution. The Lion believed that his teeth and claws were still sharp and that none dare oppose him.

His most trusted Toady tugged at his elbow and said, ” The people are starving, your excellency.”
“Throw them a few pennies to ease their hunger,” the Lion said.

“There are no pennies left to give, your excellency,” the last part delivered with a sneer. The Lion thought that the old Lickspittle was making a joke.

His fate sealed as well, the Lions’ servant angered, “Perhaps we should throw them a Mercedes or two, you have plenty to spare.”

It was then that the Lion noticed the torches and scimitars. He could now see the circling vultures and hear the hungry yelps of the jackals in the square. Only in zoos do lions die in their sleep.


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6 responses to “The Lion of the Nile by Tom Allman

  1. randalhoule

    nice. so full of allegory for our times.

  2. Whew, this is such a metaphor for our reality. Nice.

  3. I really like this more each time I read it. :)

  4. this had a real nice fable quality. good job.

  5. Nice alegorical quality to this one.

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