Broke, busted, disgusted by Walter Bjorkman

all gone, ain’t gots, arreared
broke, busted, badda-binged
crapped out, crunched, congealed

down and out, dead duck, disgusted
eat beans, eat dirt, even eat shit
flat on your back or face in the gutter?

gone-gone, gutted, gazpachioed
helpless, homeless, haz-matted
iced, idled, ignored and iglooed

junked, jived, jazz-exorcised
kerplutted, kerplunked, kryptonited
listless, liver-lovin-low-down-lobotomized

(get the pic? now I’m ionized)

mauled, mutilated, misogynated
nadired, neutered, napalm-ized
osterized, ostrichized, oprah-squatted-upon

(do i get a discount to hell for having a coupon
to heaven at the pearly cash register’s long line?)

pissed on, pooped on, potter’s field bound
quit looking for quotes cause I’m
ratso-rizzoed, really now —

(you thought I got enough simile-ans on me to finish this sad
tale of woe? Like I tole’ you, I’m broke, bus


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8 responses to “Broke, busted, disgusted by Walter Bjorkman

  1. randalhoule

    Wow, 5 stars. tightly held to the theme, clever form.

  2. Alexandra Pereira

    Double wow. Agree with Randal. Well done! :-)

  3. Brilliant, Walter. This just shines!

  4. “all gone, ain’t gots…” EXCELLENT START! I love this. From title, to middle, to end. Way to go!

    Love: “gone-gone, gutted, gazpachioed..”

  5. Kim Hutchinson

    Loved all of it, especially the cadence and wordplay. The discount to hell was a standout, too. Great piece.

  6. incredible illiteration. loved the voice and the lyrical quality. i felt like swaying back and forth as i read it, sort of a boozy “99 bottles of beer on the wall” feeling. great job.

  7. Kelly

    what beautiful parentheses

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