Houston Street, 6PM by Catherine Davis

52|250 would like to thank Catherine Davis for this week’s picture, Houston Street, 6PM. Here is her succinct summation.

“Just so; whatever was I thinking? August 2000.”


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10 responses to “Houston Street, 6PM by Catherine Davis

  1. I love, love, love this photo! Its ays so much – old and new, sad and upbeat, crowded but lonely, important but unimportant.

  2. guy

    Me too. I especially like the raindrops. They’re comforting on the glass. It’s bleak outside, but i have this car between me and the rain.

    • Guy, yes – what is it about raindrops on glass? And I like your observation on having the car between: status quo in NYC is nothing between the bodies and the elements, or so it appears… Thank you.

  3. Eryk Wenziak

    Yep: I have to give rain on the window a “like,” too!

  4. This is such a strong photo and says it all to anyone who has ever driven that route, or desires to, well…
    Emergency service and you will not find this an easy route..
    Love the implied metaphor

  5. this is wonderful. there’s so much packed into the shot with the message and the swooped windshield leaves husks of droplets in the corners. one of the best ever.

  6. Michael

    This is the perfect photo for this week’s theme! I love it! It tells so many stories.

  7. Makes me miss home. Thanks for this wonderful view of NYC.

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