If Hell… by John Wentworth Chapin

Even if…
we wake up in a hell of misery
                      lies tucked behind easier lies
                      tumors rattling
or a hell of comfort
                      rusted water heater
                      working late
or the hell of others
                      the sour waft of a secret
                      i know it’s late but you have to listen still

as long as it is we who wake together
                      i trace your brow
when i pull close, you pull closer
and hell is beyond


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7 responses to “If Hell… by John Wentworth Chapin

  1. randalhoule

    I read it straight, then just hte flush left and then the flush right. Makes great any way you look at it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a wonderfully wrought poem of reality and love’s determination (ability, really) to rise above it.Nice!

  3. Walter

    Protocol break – but for a “sometimes” poet this is an everytime read. Great on all fronts.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    Such a slice of heaven! Nicely done.

  5. “…cataracts…the sour waft of a secret” and the last line were brilliant. this was really spectacular.

  6. Kelly

    and I like you as a writer too. very nice.

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