(coin)cidences by Dorothee Lang

are tossed tangents
of chance,
flocks of relativity
touching the ground
right in front of
your feet
in the shape
of an invisible coin
pick it up and
live, now

or leave it

while you halt + read
live, now

while the heads
turn to tails

in this velo(city)
called our

which is
in German
and, in any mirror, turns to



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15 responses to “(coin)cidences by Dorothee Lang

  1. Perfect. Just perfect. Peace…

  2. love it. this is a good form for you. you carve out multiple meanings and the pieces sort of explode into all sorts of directions that demand a slow read and careful attention.

  3. This works so well. Really liked the mirror reference.

  4. thanks! yes, the “word mirror”, and the multiple meanings it reveils. language is so fascinating, and writing this was like taking a step into the chemistry of words. i just blogged about it, here: http://virtual-notes.blogspot.com/2011/02/coincidences.html

    and so good to be back with 52/250. will print the issue today, to read it over the weekend.

  5. Amazing what you’ve accomplished here, Dorothee. It’s like you’re not only using the words to paint a picture, but each placement, each concept, is a masterful brushstroke of meaning.

  6. I can only echo the others here. Very well done, a rich and reflective piece. Especially the Leben to Nebel…
    Someone pointed out to me another one along these lines: “live” backwards is “evil.” I wonder about this often – the roots of this word! A life lived backwards.
    Now I have your Leben and Nebel to add to my musings. A life in the mist/fog. Thanks!

  7. Darryl P.


  8. wonderful echoes…would love 4 you to put some of these germishsms in the kaffe in katmandu.

  9. Kim Hutchinson

    Beautiful, clever language, as always. “velo(city)” is my fave turn, here.

  10. I agree with Kim, my favorite moment also. Overall, I applaud your creative use of prose, layout, syntax and whatever else you throw into that POT! I look forward to your piece weekly.

  11. Martin

    I like the structure and the flow, and the way you leave things unsaid. The use of parenthesis and symbols in the text makes the work more complex and interesting to unravel, in addition to the palindromes at play. An intelligent and witty piece – I’m envious.

  12. Michael Parker

    Wonderfully crafted poem! Love the play of the word coin in coincidence and the reversal of meanings in “live, now.” yes, this is good stuff. Best,

  13. I like your line-breaks and use of italics. I also liked the mirror – how everything is reversed – live now – the reverse is too terrible to contemplate! Doris

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