Coincident Lines by Michael Webb

She stepped back from the white board, where she had written “COINCIDENT” in her firm hand. It wasn’t a girlish, bubbly handwriting, but it definitely wasn’t a man’s either. The letters were in a bright green ink, standing out clearly against the smooth glassy surface. “So if the lines are completely coincident, class, that means…anyone?”

She looked at them hopefully. She looked like one of the actresses on Law and Order, one of the assistant DAs that worked with Jack McCoy- the one who had been married to a football player. He watched everything she did, enraptured. She made him think of a line from a story he read: “her name was like a summons to all his foolish blood”.

He heard the catty little remarks the girls made behind her back- that she was stuck up. She wasn’t- she was as open and friendly as an authority figure could afford to be. The girls in his classes couldn’t be less interested in their fellow students as paramours- except when someone diverted the boys’ attentions.

He knew it was sheer luck he was placed in this math class, the pure happenstance of needing to have fifth period free, and he knew it was a few more short weeks before Mrs. Reynolds was back from maternity leave. He knew she wasn’t really a TV star. He knew this and watched her eyes flit around the room, looking for someone who knew the answer.


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7 responses to “Coincident Lines by Michael Webb

  1. Really neat dovetailing of these two angles on coincident. Very good, this teacher being like a Law & Order DA. Lovely school-boy crush: I’m with it all the way.

  2. Great revelation of character while dissecting another.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Takes me right back to the classroom, with all the emotional whirl of teenage life. Nice take on the theme.

  4. Yes, in this classroom and right back in that teenage setting, body, etc. Help! Let me out! Nicely done.

  5. Super. Felt all the tension and angst, the yearning. Great stuff. Peace…

  6. Michael Parker

    Great story, Michael! Teacher infatuation story! Excellently done! Best,

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