FALSE FAME by Marcus Speh

Sometimes I go to a bookshop to look for my books on the shelves. This is a total wank because I haven’t published anything but the young bookseller doesn’t know that. “I am awfully sorry, Sir. What was your name again?”, he says. “I hadn’t mentioned my name”, I say. “I thought you’d surely recognize me from the papers.” — “But of course”, says he, blushing as he tries to bullshit the bullshit king. “Well”, I say, “see you next week maybe – hope all is fixed by then”. He looks flustered, helpless, browsing around for older, more senior staff as I leave, smiling and waving like a visiting politician with a pole up his arse.


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19 responses to “FALSE FAME by Marcus Speh

  1. I can see you doing this prank! I love this! Because worse than no books in the bookstore, is all your books sitting there unsold. Good story!

  2. Ha! I will have to try this, I can certainly see you doing so! Will definitely make me feel better. Peace…

  3. Ha ha ha – I loved this, and wish I had written it myself. I am going to try this one day, I think … although maybe I will watch you do it first, Marcus, so I can get some tips!

  4. This is just wondrous, Marcus. I love how it reaches into the heart of each one of us, holds it up for inspection and laughs.

  5. Aaaagh! A funny one, here. I can also see the young one, not knowing what to do, how to behave… it is a story the stays in the mind and expands… with time. Thanks.

  6. Andrew

    Another terrific one, Marcus.

  7. Darryl P.

    Very funny stuff, my friend!

  8. thanks everyone – much appreciated. as usual, i’m a little late to this comment thread but my excuse is that i’m working on a novella with a stiff deadline of 20 march. so there…heading over to yr premises now…and anyone in need/want: leave yr email here for an invite to kaffe in katmandu.

  9. Kim Hutchinson

    Love this bit of wicked fun, Marcus! Very clever!

  10. ha! wicked story with a perfect last line. and i admire you for writing flash while working on your novella.

    • this is actually not a new piece, dorothee, but thank you – i’m still writing flash – one german and one english piece, length of a moleskine a6 calendar page – every day. usually right before bed, usually about aspects of the novella that didn’t make it on the page or that shouldn’t go there…have kept it up since january 1 so far…

  11. So great to have you here again, Marcus! I always enjoy your wickedly “insider” stories. And I was nodding all along. Fun! Hope the novel is going great!

  12. Michael Parker

    LOL! Love this! And you actually used “wank”! A show of great sardonic and descpicable behavior that is wickedly funny. LOVE!

  13. Wonderful wank – it’s so much fun messing with people heads, (the ones that are mess-able, that is). I agree with what Susan said about reaching into the heart and holding it up for inspection – yes, very astute. Meanwhile, go, novella!

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