Making Lemonade by Michelle McEwen

He was in the fruit and vegetable aisle— standing there like he was waitin’ for me, like he was put in that aisle deliberately. Had to have been ‘cause I know about fruits and vegetables. When he saw me coming, he asked, “Where ‘bout they keep the clementines?” I knew this couldn’t be a coincidence then ‘cause I love clementine oranges and I knew exactly where ‘bout they were kept. I knew it was meant to be then. I had half a mind to put him in my cart, roll him to the checkout, ring him up, bag him and bring him home as though he was on my shopping list. I didn’t have to, though, ‘cause he followed me all around that store and out the store, too. He said, leaning against my car, “You need lemons? I got some at the house I ain’t using.” I just stared at him. Any fool knows if you got lemons at home, you make lemonade. I almost told him that, too. What I did tell him was I could use the lemons and he told me to follow him home. I knew what he was up to, knew when we got there he wasn’t gon’ leave me outside in my runnin’ car while he ran the lemons out to me. I knew he’d ask me in, knew he’d have me making lemonade all day. I ended up staying the night— my groceries taking up the shelves in his pantry and ‘fridge.


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19 responses to “Making Lemonade by Michelle McEwen

  1. Some folks meet over the melons, others over the avocados. Glad they made them some lemonade ;^) Peace…

  2. brilliant. that voice is so strong. you need to write a novel.

  3. I guess I’m pretty morbid, because I expected a much more sinister ending. Well done.

  4. Alexandra Pereira

    I loved reading this piece! Well done! :-)

  5. Nice work–and yes, I too thought this was going to end badly so it came as a surprise!

  6. I enjoyed this playing with danger! In addition, it ended well, so even better! Thanks.

  7. Melissa McEwen

    Oooh thanks for this great comment: “Some folks meet over the melons, others over the avocados. Glad they made them some lemonade”– story idea maybe.

  8. Melissa McEwen

    Whoops I logged in under my sis’ name LOL!!!! This is Michelle talking!

  9. With the clementines, I start smiling. Smile big when she wants to put him in her cart, take him with. Approve when she thinks of telling him about fools and lemonade. Worry when she follows him home. Laugh when she resigns to making his lemonade, and back to smiling while her groceries sit in his kitchen all night. This is story telling. You got it going on.

  10. shaneshane

    This is great!

  11. shaneshane

    standing there like he was waitin’ for me, like he was put in that aisle deliberately

  12. Kim Hutchinson

    “Any fool knows if you got lemons at home, you make lemonade.” I could listen to this voice for ever. Really well done.

  13. the voice, addictive, and I agree with len- write a novel~! Or a collection of stories that string your characters together in some small town or another. Fantastic!

  14. guy

    Sometimes i forget how love happens. Here is one way: the pleasure in a shared domesticity. Nice to read this after a day in the cold protesting.

  15. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Thanks Shane-Shane for reading. LOL.

    To Guy: “Sometimes i forget how love happens.” Oh my word! This could be a start of a story!

  16. Michael Parker

    Love this narrator, too, Michelle! how she reads the mind and intentions of the “clementine” guy like she were a crystal ball. Enjoyed her sense of humor, too. Great work. Best always,

  17. Maude Larke

    Great! but educate me; is “make lemonade” a euphemism?

  18. Maude, I didn’t intend for it to be a euphemism.

    Thanks Michael for your comment!

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