Timing Off by Maude Lark

Gaëlle was sure that Puffball was snooping around the new apartment to find the corners that she would make her own. She walked leisurely through it as she munched a carrot and closed the windows against the coming evening coolness. The novelty of the steep staircase to a second half of the place had been a shock for the cat; she had wiped out on the glossy paint of the steps. Gaëlle wondered where she had chosen to curl up and pout. She walked into the bathroom just as Puffball’s tail slipped from the skylight and into the waiting air.


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11 responses to “Timing Off by Maude Lark

  1. I’m so glad cats have nine lives. Love the home-ness of this story. Peace…

  2. Nice one. I like the homeyness.

  3. Ooh, very cinematic. Seems very Parisian …

    • Maude Larke

      Careful, Matt, you don’t mention “the P word” to a Burgundian! Even an adopted one! But thanks for the comment.

  4. I enjoyed all the homey atmosphere also, and could visualize this scene with your many well drawn details.

  5. Blackbirdsong

    I remember how my cats did the same thing as the cat in this poem. It was a pretty funny site. Took her weeks before she’d walk around the house with being hunched down.

  6. Michael Parker

    I greatly enjoyed this story of new renter and her cat getting used to the new territory. I sure hope no cats were harmed in the creation of this story. :)
    A cute, and nicley crafty story. Best,

  7. Maude Larke

    Thank you, all, for your responses. I’m sorry I took a moment to reply! I’m not yet “in the rhythm” of 52\250, but I’ll get there!

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