Dice by Catherine Russell

text upon a screen
fingers hitting keys
hairless apes
commonly descended
from ancestors
evolved from life
begun at the single cell level

the oceans
the plants
the sun hitting the atmosphere
the planet orbiting the sun
at just over 67,000 miles per hour

The moon
a cosmic coincidence
just right to form the life
sitting here questioning its meaning


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21 responses to “Dice by Catherine Russell

  1. Nicely done, Catherine. I like that all the setting of the universe swirls around this single figure sitting still.

  2. How insignificant we are… love the title. Reminds me of Bruce Cockburn’s song, ‘Tokyo,’ where we’re all just dice bouncing around in a cup.
    (But if we’re all hairless apes, how come I have to shave my legs so often?)

  3. I keep my single-cell relatives around. I think if you flash a black light around, you’ll find they have several apartments in my keyboard. We discuss meaning together, in the language of tappity-tap.

  4. Beyond priceless. Wonderful.

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  6. great macro view of our insignificance.

  7. adampb

    The deepest of questions expressed with clarity and brevity.
    Adam B

  8. oh, catherine, this is wonderful! it brings up a lot of associations and thoughts, too. makes me want to say, as if from a great height, from far away: i hear you, people.

  9. loved this!
    such a beautiful poetic orbit.

  10. Kim Hutchinson

    This is magical. Love that it leaves me with a sense of both wonder and many questions.

  11. Insignificant are we in the vastness, yet, if we weren’t here to observe it, would it be so vast?

  12. And I should also say before hitting enter… Very well done!

  13. Ha – this is what makes me think I should review my idea about poetry:
    a cosmic coincidence
    just right to form the life
    sitting here questioning its meaning
    A great ending, Catherine.

  14. Thank you. Your comments are much appreciated. :)

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  16. Love it! The answer is 42 BTW; thanks for sharing!

  17. The old Evolutionary conundrum of a monkey and a typewriter used to reflect on one’s own place in the universe while writing…I love it.

  18. Blackbirdsong

    I love the thought that the world is spinning and we’re missing so many wonderful things because of how we’re spending out time tap tap tapping. Profound.

  19. wow. this is so evocative. the title a perfect frame. peace…

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