Just a moment by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

She was on the descending escalator
in the arms of another man
when he saw her
tears stung his eyes
he looked away

She saw him
on the ascending escalator
called his name again and again
everyone looked
except him.

He stared ahead
quelling his desire
to leap the barrier
like a romantic hero
Prentending not to recognise
her voice
Refusing to respond
to his name
or her closeness-
they could have touched.

Eyes brimming with tears
She looked at him
saw his pain
knew his hurt

He glided away
merging with the crowd.


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8 responses to “Just a moment by Barbara-Lucy Hosken

  1. Poignant and real, Barbara. Very well constructed and played out.

  2. the sadness and yearning are palpable.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    A defining, heartbreaking moment. Well done.

  4. Poor… everyone. Very well done.

  5. Your writing really develops empathetic characters. Great job!

  6. this unfurled like a scene from a movie. peace…

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