Tiny Red Seeds by Doug Bond

Mom found the place within a week, so I could start with the rest of
the kids. We rented it from the builder, a guy named Tazza, who had a
very good reputation. The day we moved in, there were tractor marks
where the front lawn should have been.

School was a couple blocks away. First time she forgot my lunch I ran
home during recess to get it. Tazza was coming out our front door and
looked surprised to see me. “Libby!” he said, and then sang “How much
wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, but got into his truck, laughing so loud
it kind of surprised me into laughing too. I loved that
tongue-twister. We had a set of pillows embroidered with the words
spread across them in my room.

Inside, the sound of water was rushing in the walls. On the floor of
mom’s room was a small pile of stuff from the costume box: black
stockings, little skinny heeled shoes and the six-foot long pink
feather boa she’d gotten me for Halloween.

The shower stopped and I turned, knocking over the gigantic flower
vase filled with crimson dried sunflowers, reeds and cattails standing
by the door

“Are you still out there Jim Tazza?”

When she stepped naked into the hall I was on my knees filling the
quiet with the rasping dry crackle of tiny red seeds being picked up
off the floor.


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8 responses to “Tiny Red Seeds by Doug Bond

  1. The setting plays such a huge part in outlining the positional relationships of the characters. This was so skillfully written, Doug; I’m jealous as hell.

  2. Doug, this is amazingly deft. Every particular working at maximum capacity. “had a very good reputation,” the stupid rhyme as red herring, and wow – the vivid assemblage of props on the floor – to mention a few notables. The ending is wonderful counterpoint – wonderfully, carefully drawn, and these tiny red seeds are brilliant.

  3. that’s a great piece. the wood chucks. the colors. the name Tazza. the toppled vase.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    Had to read this several times to take it all in. Masterful work.

  5. Great way to weave in all the little details that tell us the story without actually have to spell things out. Wonderful.

  6. guy

    Nicely done. I felt the woodchuck chuckle fall out the bottom of my stomach when mom came out naked.

  7. wow. not much else to say that hasn’t already been said. perfect. peace…

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