Trois coïncidences impliquant la langue français by Guy Yasko



— Eric, you need to get school.
— I know, Mom.
— Got your books?
— Your French homework! Honestly, Eric — and after all that sturm and
— drang.

Books in hand, door slammed, feet down steps, angle of toast hanging
from mouth. Out the door, around the corner. One two steps into the


8:48, late. Alley to Riverside. Garbage. Like mountains. Can’t see.

Schoolkid. Dead?


— Ma tête me fait mal.

— What?

— Non, j’ai pas de faim. Impossible de manger avec ce mal de tête.

— We don’t speak French, Eric. Why are you speaking French?

— Laisse moi tranquil, maman.

–Someone call Judy.

— I don’t care if she is working. This is her nephew.


Seeking couscous, i become aware of being interpellated. It’s Eric. He
speaks nonstop in either Italian or English; English to me, Italian to
everyone else. He’s lost, but will not listen to directions. I take him
to the Jewish Quarter in a taxi. I interpret.

— Deux sandwiches falafel s’il vous plaît.

He is a stream of Italian the next day at the Gare du Nord.

— You’ll miss your train.

I push him on. He is still talking as the train leaves.


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11 responses to “Trois coïncidences impliquant la langue français by Guy Yasko

  1. Love the segments, but have to feign ignorance on the French. I keep looking for the italian, however ;^) But now I am worried — is a school kid dead? Peace…

    • guy

      The schoolkid is older and speaking Italian in Paris. I was kicking myself for not making that clear.

      The French doesn’t really matter. There’s a disconnect, that’s enough. Or so i thought. I might work in the Italian in an expanded version.

  2. Very complex and it needs a few readings as most good stories do.

  3. you packed a hell of a lot in her. it is complex and requires a couple readings. nice job. also learned a new word–interpellated.

    • guy

      Thanks for the reads and the comments everyone. To tell you the truth, i wasn’t quite happy with this one. Sometimes they’re better when i’m not satisfied. That’s why one needs readers. Thanks again!

  4. wonderful form, great story, complexity is beguiling. tres bien, guy.

  5. Kim Hutchinson

    So much to be interpreted and re-interpreted here. Well done.

  6. Interesting progression, though I don’t speak any of the languages but English. :)

  7. stephen

    interesting. this encompasses some time-jumping.
    i haven’t quite figured out how to do that in these little forms.
    so it’s interesting to read this.

    i really like the last segment.

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