Panel 3.7 by Al McDermid

52|250 thanks our flash contributor Al McDermid, for the use of his collage “Panel 3.7″ as this week’s art.

This is not solely my art, but is a collaborative collage created in conjunction with 6 other artists (I was #7 on this piece). The others all do amazing work, which you can see at:


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18 responses to “Panel 3.7 by Al McDermid

  1. Wow, this is wild, Al! Love the fact that its a collaborative effort and how the pieces fit so well together.

  2. Michael

    Love the art panel for the theme “Coincidence.” It captures many sub-themes: love, journey, religion, just a few that represent the various experiences we encounter that seem either Fate or Serendipity. Great work.

  3. Love this – as a whole, as well as for its individual parts. And that it’s a collaboration is cool. Favorite elements at this particular viewing: foot prints (two directions!) and the wondrous conical hat.

  4. so much great stuff to look at. thanks, al.

  5. al, this is fantastic. come to the kaffe, please: (leave yr email here).

  6. So bright and colourful and fun … such a pleasure to look at.

  7. Thanks, everyone. This was a fun project (7 of us started a collage, then sent it on). You can see others (on-going and previous) here:

    I’ll post a link back here so some of the other artists can see your comments, but on behalf of all of us, thanks again.

  8. guy

    I like the way this works with the 52250 page. It looks great.

  9. Al, this is just terrific, you all collaborated with a finesse that makes such a striking collage that feels like it has one central intelligence. I’m very impressed and it’s wonderful for this challenge. thank you!

  10. I am a huge fan of collaborative art and this one is no exception! In fact, it is exceptional! Love it, Al, and I would love to see more of this art happening around the globe. Thanks for sharing this for coincidence! Perfect for the theme this week.

    • Thanks Robert. I’m actually involved in a number of these projects. This one still has 6 incomplete collages; I’m working two jigsaw puzzles (those big wooden ones for kids with each artist doing a piece or two); and a traveling journal. Yeah, great fun.

  11. Just perfect for this week’s theme, echoing how well it all fits together.

  12. It seems I made a mistake. The collage was started by rather than, who uploaded the image.

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