Animal by Roberta Lawson

Not the skin or the hair; not nails, teeth; no gentle touch. It must be the gut. The only way that any of them will find what they’re looking for is to go for the gut, and reach inside. To begin: a list of secrets. Let’s say the secrets are a shadow. The lights are out, and now they’re ready. To reach this place they’ll take a journey. Down through the mind, through the channel of the neck, down, down, until the body opens like the belly of the earth. Down until they’re sunk through rock and soil, blood and sinew, until they’re bathed in magma. A mouth opens. Speech begins to come.


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8 responses to “Animal by Roberta Lawson

  1. For me, this came as the process of writing that we each go through before coming up with the story. Nice!

  2. How do you DO that? Wonderful.

  3. Roberta Lawson

    Susan: it’s about whatever you want it to be about. :) And thank you for the comment. (And yes: I know that feeling too.)

    Ganymeder: thank you so much for such a lovely comment!

  4. Love the viscerality of this. Yes, the creative process, the creation process. Gorgeous. Peace…

  5. This oozes mystery. I will be re-reading it and thinking about it. It does reach the gut! Thank you.

  6. Love this. Mysterious, dark, and beautiful.
    I enjoy reading here because I always come across at least one story that I really love.

  7. Very strange and interesting, I wish I could write this way..

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